Online Safety Advice for Parents and Carers

How can I control who can see my child’s personal details online?

The most effective way of controlling your child’s personal details online is to talk to them about PLC. (And of course we don’t mean public limited companies.

Privacy – Talk to your child about their privacy settings and encourage them to limit all easily identifiable information, like school or home address, phone number, etc. Check out the security and privacy features of any social media channels and you may want to create an account yourself to understand the site, any potential dangers and of course understand the attraction your child has for the site.

Location - Many apps ask for the location of the device or use GPS tracking to discover it anyway. You can disable location services in the app settings, however you will need to discuss with your child the importance of not identifying their location to the wide public. Children love to tag where they are and what they are doing and they don’t always understand the implications (robbers knowing you are on vacation, strangers knowing your child’s favourite hangouts, etc.)

Contacts - If your child ‘friends’ someone online, then it is likely that the person will have access to your child's online profile. Encourage your child to only friend people that they know and to ‘unfriend’ or block users who post things online that they might find upsetting or who they become suspicious of. If you have created a social media account yourself, ask if you can be an online ‘friend’, although don’t be surprised if your child says no.

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